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About Constance

This amazing design aesthetic, master craftsmanship and restoration expertise that defines Constance Posse's work is matched only by the caring, nurturing, and communication skills she invests in her boys, Carl (13) and Max (12). As a young girl growing up on Philadelphia's Main Line, Constance was a creative force in the making. "I started out sewing Barbie clothes and by the time I was 12 I was selling handmade patchwork pillows door-to-door," Constance says. "At 13 my stepfather and I built a scale replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre with a working trap door that was meticulous and then we built our first table together when I was 14," Constance took that fearless design knowledge to a five year stint as Design Director at Barbara Barry before segueing into furniture design and manufacturing. "I made my first sofa in my garage in Hancock Park in 2001," she adds.

Constance attributes 18 years of success with Posse Furniture to innovative design, outstanding quality, and her ability to adapt​ to changing tastes and demands of the marketplace. "I've had the good fortune to work with A-list designers and architects on multi-million dollar projects, while producing high quality, attainable pieces that work with every budget," Constance shares. "The sense of integrity that I bring to my clients is the legacy that I want to give to my sons. When they combine that with a can-do attitude there is nothing they won't be able to achieve."

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